Manjaris and Radharani By SriSri Vinod Bihari Das BabaJi Maharaj

Manjaris and Radharani share the same soul. They are so dear to Srimati Radharani that even if they become little happy, the happiness multiplies in Radharani. Automatically, Radharani becomes extremely happy and starts celebrating, as they are the same entity, same soul. Radharani is always striving and looking for ways - how can they get happiness and the Manjaris are always desiring, how can Radharani become happy. Here, happiness (sukha) means the enjoyment pastime (ananda-lila). Service is not just a mere formality. What is the necessity for such service? She is fully self-satisfied (Atmaram, Atmakam , Purnokam). There is no lack of happiness. Services like massaging the lotus feet, offering food and drinks, hairdressing, bathing her, etc … What is the requirement of all this? The manjaris and Radharani make each other happy. The happiness gets multiplied a hundred times and they get immersed in infinite ocean of joy and happiness. The Nature (Prakriti) in Goloka is fully conscious (Chinmayi, Chaitanya Rupa). This Yogamaya, the Lila Shakti (potency) of the Lord is not like this conditioned Nature as we see here, which is inert and materialistic (joro rupa). She is also always looking to fulfill these desires and fill the environment with overflowing happiness. She can make impossible possible (aghatan ghatan patiyashi) and she arranges for the pastimes in such a way that nobody can know anything about it. She does not let anyone know about it, in order to enhance the charm and to make the Lord enchanted. Lord is omniscient (sarvagya), but He remains covered by His Yogamaya potency in such a way that He knows nothing. Neither Radharani, nor Thakurji, not the Manjaris know anything about it. The omniscience (sarvagyata) is inactive there, rather, it is covered by Yogamaya.

“ na aham prakasho sarvasya yogamaya samavrita
 murhayang nabhijanati lokomang ajamavyayam” 

I am covered by Yogamaya and hence people cannot understand or reach Me. Even Brahmaji gets illusioned.

So, this enchantment (Mugdhota) is main element of the eternal pastime (Nitya Lila). They are not aware of what is happening at present, what has happened in past, what is going to happen in future - such is the enchantment. Embracing the Madhurya Shakti (potency), they relish the pastimes. And how the pastimes are going to be arranged, is known only by the Pastime Potency (Lila Shakti) or the fully conscious Nature (Chaitanya Rupa Prakriti), neither by Radharani nor by Thakurji. The service is well synchronized according to the timing. Like, the ever-youthful conjugal pair (Yugal Kishor), after roaming in the divine forest, which is blessed with all the six seasons together, has taken their seat in the Nikunja Bhavan. Now the Manjari is thinking, what service can I perform. Seva (service) is not like I will go and start massaging the Lotus Feet. This is not the way of serving, there, rather, they try to think, what should I do to make them happy. Radharani manifests Her desire to accept service, only then will the Manjaris come forward to serve. They will not serve in a way that does not make Radharani happy. Imagine the conjugal pair is taking rest, should one go and start forcefully massaging the Lotus Feet? Till when should one massage the Lotus Feet? Till They go to sleep. How to know They went asleep or not? Deep breath is the indication.Noticing this, they stop the massaging service. Not like, They went asleep and I (we) still keep massaging on and on. They are waking up from sleep but I still keep continuing to massage. To make Them happy and comfortable, is the sole motive of service.

Radharani is looking at a Manjari and smiling.Ahaa! Such a charming sweet smile! An epitome of happiness and pleasure. Manjari is also looking at the charming lotus face of Srimati Radharani and gets enchanted, as if a large wave has risen in the ocean of happiness (Tears come in Babaji’s eyes, he rubs his tears of happiness). Manjari, in her mind, desires to serve Radharani. Immediately Summer comes and automatically the heat makes sweat pour out of them, fills them with perspiration. This is arranged by the Nature (Prakriti). If there is no summer, then there is no happiness in fanning. If now it would have been winter, then there would be no necessity of switching this fan on, in the cold weather. When there is too much heat, when our body fills with perspiration, only then can we enjoy the breeze of the fan. Isn’t it? When it is very cold, in the winter, then only can we relish the warmth of the fire in front of us. In summer, now, if someone lights a fire in front of you, will you get any pleasure? So the pleasure and happiness depends on mood and time. Now that Radharani is filled with sweat, because of the advent of summer, She looks at a Manjari and the Manjari immediately starts to fan the chamara (yak-tail-whisk). Now receiving the service, Radharani is soothed. This feeling of comfort gets hundreds of times magnified in the Manjari. Automatically, she relishes extreme comfort and soothing coldness, an amazing feeling. (How?) Radharani’s feeling of comfort is getting transmitted to the Manjari (Babaji indicates with his finger).

Now another Manjari is watching, these two Manjaris are serving - fanning chamaras. She is thinking,how can I serve? Immediately, Srimati Radharani gets thirsty - automatically. Such an intense thirst! As if the throat is completely dry! She needs one glass of cold water! This is the action of the Lila Shakti - in order to give happiness. If you do not feel thirsty at all, even if you are offered enormous amount of sweet, scented cold water - would you be happy? You will be pleased with the cold water only if you are very thirsty. 
So Radharani casted Her glances towards the Manjari who had the internal desire to serve. The Manjaris do not need to be told anything. They get to know everything automatically from their heart, through the transmission of waves. Whenever Radharani manifests Her mood, instantly, that gets transmitted to the Manjaris. They immediately understand Radharani needs this or that. Quickly, the Manjari brings a golden glass full of scented cold water and herself makes Radharani drink it with her own hand. Such is the seva.

This service done by the Manjari swarup and the charming conjugal pastimes (Yugala Vilasa) - this is the ultimate essence of Madhurya. This is the Manjari swarup upasana (worshipping in the mood of Manjaris). No scripture describing the transcendental mellow (Rasa), has been able to describe a Rasa greater or superior than this one. This is the ‘Anarpita Charim Chirat’ - that Mahaprabhu has distributed - the essence of transcendental love ( prem niryas) for worshipping the conjugal pair (Yugala Upasana). (Babaji rubs his tears of happiness again and smiles) . 
So getting the opportunity of this service is the highest achieveable position in the mood of Vraja (Vraja Upasana). If after getting birth in Vraj, we could not receive this way of worshipping, or did not get the scope or did not have the wish to serve in this way, then it is extremely unfortunate. You are Vrajwasi (To Srimati Chitralekha Deviji), own belonging of Thakurji, Radharani has lots of mercy upon you. 

One should have the eagerness to enter into this devotional service. He/She has to accommodate some time for meditating on this and remembering these pastimes (Dhyan, Dharona, Upasana, Chintan).

Question Srimati Chitralekha Deviji: If I want to meditate, should I meditate upon the divine pastimes of Sreeji? What should be the topic of meditation?
Baba answers, see meditation (dhyan) may be of different types, depending on the eligibility (adhikaras) . Everyone does not have the same adhikara. Nor can everyone meditate. Besides, it is not like, as soon as I close my eyes, whatever I want will start manifesting in front of me and I will start meditating. This is not possible. This should be done according to adhikara. Assume someone is in primary stage and cannot concentrate while meditating. For him, it is prescribed to try to meditate on the transcendental form (swarup) of the spiritual master (Guru) - lotus face to lotus feet, accompanied by chanting of the Holy Name (Nama) of the Lord. Else, concentrate on the Holy Name and meditate on the Name and try to chant the Name. There are two kinds of pastimes - Srotovat Lila (pastimes like a flowing river) and Hradavat Lila (pastimes like a stagnant lake). Srotovat Lila is the daily divine pastime for 24 hours based on 8 portions (Ashta Kala or Yama), like fanning the yak-tail-whisk (Chamara) to Radharani, Radharani is reaching Radha Kund, starting from Yavat after completing the sportly pastimes in Surya Kund, then in Radha Kund, She is engaging in water-sports and pastimes, then accepting the foods and offerings, roaming in the divine forest, etc. This is Srotovat - the pastimes continuously flowing and dynamic. And other one is Hradavat, which is static, calm. Like, the ever-youthful conjugal pair (Yugal Kishor) is seated in the throne inside Nikunja Bhavan, facing each other and casting glances on the lotus face of each other, engaging in jokes and laughs. Manjari is getting mesmerized, having this amazing darshan while she is chanting the holy name. This is called Hradavat Lila. Now depending on the personal taste and position of the individual, he/she should meditate accordingly. And then, gradually, based on the instructions of the spiritual master, he/she can follow accordingly and continue meditating

Question: Those who do not have a spiritual master yet, can they meditate upon this?
Babaji smiles and answers, Yes. There is no restriction on remembering these pastimes. Sri Bhagavan is full consciousness (Chinamaya) and hence meditating on Him is never restricted. No scripture has ever depicted that one who has not received spiritual initiation cannot remember or meditate on His pastimes.

Question (by Srimati Chitralekha Deviji): One who has not received initiation, can’t he/she attain or achieve the Lord by any means?
Babaji: Who has uttered such a word? This is not valid in Kaliyuga. Harinama is the speciality of this Yuga. “ ek name kare sarva papa kshay, nava vidha bhakti purna nama haita haya , anusange fale kare sansarer kshay, chitta akarshiya kare Krishno premodaya ” (Quotation from Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita). - Only just chanting the Holy name once! All the sinful reactions (papa), intentions to commit sinful activities (pap-pravritti) and seed of sin (pap-bija) gets destroyed at once by chanting the Name just once. The nine-fold devotional service (Nava vidha bhakti)- Listening to praise of The Lord (shravan), Singing praises of The Lord (kirtan), Remembering The Lord (smaran), Service of the Holy Feet (padsevan), Offering (archan), Offering obeisance (vandan), Devotion as a servant (dasya), Devotion as a friend (sakhya), Surrendering or submitting everything to God (atmanivedan) - gets fulfilled just by chanting the Name just once. We are incapable of practising the Nine fold devotional service, but by only chanting the Holy Name, we can achieve everything. As a secondary consequence, it destroys the seed of desire for performing fruitive activities. It attracts our heart and pours it to Krishna Prem. 

(Quotation from Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita). 

“Diksha Purascharya Vidhi Apeksha Na kare, 
jihva sparshe achandal sabare uddhare” 

It does not wait for diksha ( initiation) or Purascharan (Siddhi or mastery over hymn or mantra by its repeated chanting) to happen. This is the speciality of Kaliyug, if someone can keep chanting the Holy Name with unshakeable resolution (Nistha). There is only one deficit , if one has not taken the initiation - He will not be able to get the service in Nikunja, as it comes through guru-parampara (lineage of spiritual master). Otherwise, one can get darshan of Thakurji, can get freed from the bondages of material world, can achieve consciousness and reach the safe land or abode, but to achieve that opportunity of devotional service, taking initiation is mandatory.

However, one can still relish the Ananda (transcendental happiness). This happiness starts right when one achieves transcendental pure love (Prema). Prema is the main wave of this happiness, which will be achieved by this Name. Even if one is not initiated, but is chanting the Name, will get delivered by the Name. The Holy Name will enable you to achieve Prema. There is no scope of doubt or uncertainty in this. But yes, taking initiation is required. One who is sad-guru, having the symptoms of spiritual master, relishes the transcendental feelings, is devoid of all faults and vices, should be approached, not just any and everyone. 

Question: Okay, if one has immense faith and respect for someone, but has not received initiation from him/her yet, is it possible to achieve full consequences of taking initiation, without actually being initiated, but by remembering that person (possible guru)?
Baba answers, if the person is a great devotee (Mahat-purusa), then it will undoubtedly invoke auspiciousness. But to attain the scope of service, diksha (initiation) is mandatory. 

Question (by Srimati Chitralekha Deviji): Often in different places, it happens so that though a devotee has intense wish of getting initiated by that person, he/she does not initiate. Then what should be the duty of that aspiring devotee? 
Baba answers, he should take the shelter of the most merciful Holy Name and then the Name will reach him to his Guru. We should not have any doubt on the capability of Harinama. Nama is divine, fully conscious, full of transcendental bliss and happiness, and Nama is non-different than Nami (the Lord). If I take refuge of Nama, then I should not think that I am deprived. Taking shelter of Nama, means taking shelter of Thakurji. This Nama will reach you to the lotus feet of Sadguru. But yes, you have to continue devotional practise (sadhan), with unshakeable resolution and eagerness, you have to express your prayers to the Holy Name and then the Name will definitely reach you. Does it ever happen, that I have taken shelter of the Name , am chanting the Nama, yet I am deprived in all possible ways? “ Nama haite sarva papa sansar nashan, chittasuddhi krishna bhakti sadhan udgam , krishna premodgam, premamrita asvadan, krishna prapti sevamrita, samudra marjan. “

While chanting Nama, all the sins and intentions of committing sins get destroyed, the desire for fruitive activities get destroyed, the heart gets purified, all the devotional activities (sravan, kirtan, smaran etc) automatically appear in the heart. Chanting Nama still, result in development of Krishna Prem - which gets manifested in the form of external symptoms. Asru, kampa, pulak, svet, vaivarnya, stambha, murcha, pralaya - all these eightfold transcendental transformations (asta-sattvik vikaras) start automatically manifesting. Then one achieves Krishna - Lord Himself arrives and blesses the devotee with His darshan. So, a practising devotee (sadhaka) should not have negative thoughts in his mind while taking shelter of Nama. We should have firm belief, Nama will surely shower mercy on us. We do not know who is our spiritual master. How do we know where should we go ? How do we decide with our inexpert and weak intelligence? How do we get to know that this is the pre-determined and destined place where I should take initiation? How do we determine based on our intelligence solely? That is why, taking shelter of Nama, one should, with firm resolution and faith, chant the Holy Name. The Name will do everything for him. (Baba smiles as he reaches the conclusion).

I must admit, I am very novice at translating. But thanks for giving me the service to translate this nectar and giving me the opportunity to deeply contemplate on this spiritual topics coming out of the conversation between self realized saints and soul. It is a humble attempt to perform bhavanuvada, and hence it is very much possible that I could not grasp his mood or select the appropriate english word and committed multiple mistakes in translating. But Please, still forgive me of the aparadhas, considering me as a sinner and bless me with the dust of all of your lotus feet so that I can serve my Gurumata, the Vaishnavas and Sri Bhagavan.

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