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Anarth Nivritti (part 4) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

"anityam asukham lokam imam prapya bhajasva mam" (Bhagavat Geeta 9.33) When a sadhak realises that this world is temporary, everything here has a start as well as an end, then their life takes a turn towards spirituality. Every …

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Anarth Nivritti (part 3) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

The time which has gone by, will not come back. What has happened, is past now. Nobody knows what future has in store for us. Pain, loss, disappointment, disaster - all are results of our past actions. We have to face what we have done, in future. Nobody can avoi…

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Anarth Nivritti (part 2) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

Hari Bhakti is the sole purpose of our life, knowing this the sadhak engages in sadhana physically, mentally and verbally. This is when a sadhak truly enters a spiritual journey. The jivatma has always been engulfed in Maya. From eternity, he had kn…

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