Anarth Nivritti (part 4) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

"anityam asukham lokam imam prapya bhajasva mam" (Bhagavat Geeta 9.33)
When a sadhak realises that this world is temporary, everything here has a start as well as an end, then their life takes a turn towards spirituality. Every action they do are centred around pleasure of Krishna. They are Bhagwat Unmukha Jiva. They always try to think of the Lotus feet of Radha Krishna and turn their mind away from the worldly matters. Simply, they take less interest in samsaar and more interest in spirituality. They always yearn for satsanga, kirtan, etc. When a sadhak leads his life in such a way, all enlightened souls shower mercy on him. The good and bad deeds they have done in previous lives will surely come as prarabdha in this life before them. Sometimes they have difficult anarthas to face as the result of great misdeeds but with the mercy of enlightened souls, they are relieved of their anarthas and pushed into the sea of divine love. The anarthas do come, but with the mercy of enlightened souls, their mind is fixed on the lotus feet of Radha Krishna, hence not experiencing much disruption. In this way, only the mercy of enlightened souls can save the sadhak from all anarthas. But there is one thing that makes this happen. It is the humility of the sadhak. When the sadhak cries and prays with great humility to the enlightened souls for mercy, they will surely bestow their mercy to help the sadhak progress in his path. Therefore, a sadhak must never abandon his humility. He must make sure he never develops pride in his mind. Pride is like drinking alcohol.
"Abhimanam surapaanam gauravam rauravam sama. 
Pratishtha sukari vishtha trayam tyaktva hari bhajet."
Pride is like drinking alcohol, ego is like the Raurav hell (one of the many kinds of hells described in Srimad Bhagavatam) and fame is like the stool of a pig (who eats the stools of other animals and humans). If you want to do bhajan, avoid these three strictly.
That you want to do bhajan is really good. You will surely receive mercy of enlightened souls. Without their mercy the jivatma is helpless, given his materialistic samskaras of previous lives. But avoid these three like the plague, then you will be able to progress in your path quickly. Just make sure that you don't develop pride that 'I am born in a high caste, wealthy family or educated so much'. Even thinking oneself to be a spiritually developed, highly knowledgeable vaishnava will stop your spiritual progress. Always think that 'I am so lowly. I am a sinner. I have no qualification for acquiring any bhakti of my Lord, whatsoever. I cannot even please a sadhu for bestowing mercy upon me. What should I do?' Then the sadhak prostrates before everyone with great humility and asks for their mercy. In such a way, he receives the mercy of all enlightened souls and quickly progresses in his path. One must never think I am a vaishnava, people must respect me. Shri Vijay Krishna Goswamiji had an even higher thinking. He used to say that if the tilak, tulsi beads necklace and the japa mala are causing you to think that you are a devotee of God, but others are sinners and lowly materialistic people, then you must abandon even
them. The sadhak must be very careful that he never despises and finds faults with anyone. All creatures belong to Radha Krishna. Whom are you thinking to be lowly? Once, a devotee leading a family life came to Shri Ram Das Babaji Maharaj from Kolkata. Babaji maharaj asked him, "Are you fine? How is your bhajan?" He seemed frustrated and said that doing bhajan was difficult at home. On asking why, he said, "Oh maharaj, the place I live, how can one do bhajan there? I am surrounded by sinful people, who eat wrong, think wrong and do wrong. They are inhuman asuraas. They eat non vegetarian food, drink alcohol. Nobody takes the name of Krishna. They are lowly people." Babaji maharaj was very disappointed to hear his words. He scolded him and said, "Fool, whom are you calling lowly and sinful? Whom are you calling asuraas?" The devotee said, "Baba, you don't know how sinful they are! They do all kinds of sins." Babaji maharaj scolded him again, "Oho fool, you too were a materialist a few days ago. And in previous lives, who knows how many sins you have done? Now that you have received the mercy of enlightened souls and their satsanga, you are chanting Harinaam and living a life of a vaishnava. Similarly, one day they too will receive mercy and transform their lives. They too will become vaishnavas." It is true that every creature on Earth belongs to Radha Krishna. With the mercy of Radha Krishna, they receive satsanga, and with the mercy of sadhus, they devote themselves to Radha Krishna. One doesn't have the right to blaspheme anyone. Mahaprabhu says,
"Je mor bhakter sakrit ninda kore, mor naam kalpataru tahare sanhaare."
One who blasphemes my devotee, even though Harinaam is able to fulfill all desires of the devotee, Harinaam will destroy him instead.
One may ask, what are the attributes of a devotee? How will we know who is a devotee? Mahaprabhu says,
"Anant koti brahmande yata aachhe mor das, eteke je ninde sei jaaye nash."
All the creatures of the infinite number of universes are my devotees (since they are part of Him and have interminable relationship with Him), whoever blasphemes any one of them will have to face negative consequences." Therefore, a sadhak must always remember that we must never think ill of others and blaspheme anyone even mentally. In this way, you will be able to receive the mercy of all enlightened souls.
In Ramayan, Tulsi Dasji says that one must always think of himself or herself as a servant of Shri Ram. This is Chid Abhiman, the divine identity. But it doesn't mean that you can belittle others and criticize them. Otherwise, it will be detrimental to your bhajan. All others too are servants of your Lord. You must respect others, prostrate before all and pray for mercy to all, understanding them to be the servants or devotees of Radha Krishna.
To be continued...

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