Radha Ashtami 2013 Kirtan by Sri Sri Vinod Bihari Das Babaji Maharaj (Barsana)

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This year, the day before Radha Ashtami (i.e, on saptami), Sri Sri Vinod Bihari Babaji Maharaj sung for Sri Sri Chitra kunj Bihari ju who resides in Chiksauli gaon which is on the bigger parikramma marg of Sri Barsana dhaam.

The above is the picture of Srimati Radha Rani & Sri Sri Chitra kunj Bihari ju with Srimati Chitra Sakhi maiyya ji (in the right) and Srimati Indulekha Sakhi maiyya ji (in the left).

Baba Maharaj offering a garland to thakur ji

It was a series of pure braj bhav bhajans by Baba Maharaj:

1. Mangla Charan
2. Yad Piya Ju Ki Aye
3. Mero Man Lago Barsane Me Jahan Viraje Radha Rani
4. Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna Govind Gopal Bhaj Man Sri Radhey
5. Yugal Mantra (Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna, Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe| Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyam, Shyam Shyam Radhe Radhe)

Resident Sakhi Baba dancing on Baba's dhun

Various Sakhis and pure Sadhus gathered to receive the pure nectar of Krishna prem.

It was a great mercy of Sri Sri Radha Raman Babaji to make this event a huge success. Sri Sri Radha Raman Babaji is the kripa patr of Sri Chitra Sakhi maiyya and lives there in the service of thakur ji, yet baba is so humble that he is ready to bless everyone. His love for Sri Sri Vinod Bihari Babaji Maharaj is incomparable. Even this recording is from his recorder otherwise I would not be able to share it with anyone. Glories to him and all the braj saints!

Sri Sri Radha Raman Babaji


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