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Three stages of Vairaag Satsang By ShriShri Vinod Bihari Das Babaji Maharaj

Sridhar swami, the well known commentator of Shrimad Bhagvatam, says renunciation means indifference. For instance, someone keeps a book in front of me and after sometime takes it away. Since it doesn't belong to me, I am indifferent to its arrival and departure. Another example is that suppose someone offers you to eat something that you have no interest in, maybe even a slight aversion to it. Then it doesn't matter if someone else takes it away. You are indifferent to it. But if you had the desire to eat it, and someone asks if he could have it, you said yes for the sake of kindness and he takes it away, you will be slightly unhappy. This is not renunciation. Since this sacrifice involves a sense of unhappiness; you are not absolutely indifferent about sacrificing it. There are three types of renunciation: Spriha-yukta vastu vaishishtha apekshini vairaag (desire-bound value-sensed renunciation), Spriha-shunya vastu apekshini vairaag (desireless value-sensed renu