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Manjaris and Radharani By SriSri Vinod Bihari Das BabaJi Maharaj

Manjaris and Radharani share the same soul. They are so dear to Srimati Radharani that even if they become little happy, the happiness multiplies in Radharani. Automatically, Radharani becomes extremely happy and starts celebrating, as they are the same entity, same soul. Radharani is always striving and looking for ways - how can they get happiness and the Manjaris are always desiring, how can Radharani become happy. Here, happiness (sukha) means the enjoyment pastime (ananda-lila). Service is not just a mere formality. What is the necessity for such service? She is fully self-satisfied (Atmaram, Atmakam , Purnokam). There is no lack of happiness. Services like massaging the lotus feet, offering food and drinks, hairdressing, bathing her, etc … What is the requirement of all this? The manjaris and Radharani make each other happy. The happiness gets multiplied a hundred times and they get immersed in infinite ocean of joy and happiness. The Nature (Prakriti) in Goloka is fully c


Service to God or vaishnava should be selfless in nature. Even if your intention is to acquire bhakti in return to the service done, you are not being really selfless. Since you are interested in your own spiritual advancement, you can easily fail to see if your service is actually disappointing the other person. Suppose you want to give a sadhu some money or materialistic things which he considers as obstacles in his bhajan. He is disturbed by your 'service', but you expect bhakti in return of such service. This is merely self interest and not selfless service. Real service is service done only with the intention of the other person's happiness and welfare. A sadhak definitely wants to acquire bhakti, but not in return of the service done to vaishnava. The attitude should be : "I'm in no way fit to serve my Ishta or his bhaktas, but I'm a fallen soul, I have no bhakti, no faith, no qualities to please them. Please accept my service out of your own kin

Samata is the Foundation of Sanatan Dharma By SriSri Baba Maharaj

Our behaviour speaks about our personality. And whatever we get back from others is really a reaction of our own behaviour. If our behaviour is positive, we get positive reaction from others. If our behaviour is negative, we get negative reaction from others. Conversely, if someone loves me, it is the reaction of my own behaviour. And if someone despises me, that too is the reaction of my own behaviour. It's like mirror. It's our own reflection. While walking through a road, if you smile at a passer-by, he will smile back. If you glance at him and look away, he will also look away. But we are not ready to accept this. We think that others are the reason for my such a situation or bad fate. And due to this, our thinking becomes biased, we fall into the pit of attachment and hatred, and get distracted from the path of Bhakti. It doesn't matter which sect or path you belong to, this equal behaviour for all (samata) is the foundation of Sanatan Dharma. Ram charita ma


We have all heard about the superiority and spiritual quality of Shri Braj Dham. All the creatures and trees, the roads and temples, forests and gardens are unworldly, purely spiritual, and part of the pastimes of Radha Krishna. The vrajwasis we see through our mundane eyes are no different. And those of us who have been living in shri dham have experienced the mercy and compassion of vrajwasi maiyas at some point or the other. Various scriptures and Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu himself instruct us to have deep faith in the transcendental quality of the vrajwasis and take even their crudest behavior as mercy for our spiritual advancement. But there is an underlying caution - keep a respectable distance from vrajwasis, says Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. There is a time for every flower to bloom. Gurudev Shri Binod bihari das babaji maharaj says, "Keep your deepest faith in your heart, but the actions we perform must be practically thought out. Don't show your faith in the