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Mādhurya Upāsanā: The Divine Quality of Vraja Dham Part 1

  “V ṛ i ndāvana ṁ parityajya sa kvacin naiva gacchati. ” (Laghu Bhagavatamritam 1.5.461) Meaning: Krishna,   the son of  Nanda   Mahārāja , never at any time leaves  V ṛ i ndāvana .   Krishna never goes even a footstep outside of Vraja Dham. Even today He resides in Vrindavan. The Mādhuryamaya form of Krishna who is the centre of our Mādhurya Upāsanā path, the personification of Sat, Chit and Ananda, and the “Tribhanga Murari” (an elegant posture of Krishna where He is bent at three places: neck, torso and knee) of Vrindavan has never left Vrindavan by even a footstep and still resides in this earthly (Drishyamāna) Vraja Dham. “ Chintāma ṇ i-bhūmi, kalpa-v ṛ k ṣ a-maya vana, carma-cak ṣ e dekhe tāre prapañcera sama. Prema-netre dekhe tāra svarūpa-prakāśa, gopa-gopī-sa ṅ ge yā ṅ hā Krish ṇ era vilāsa.” (Chaitanya Charitamrita Adi 5.20-21) Meaning: The land there is like a touchstone [cintāma ṇ i] that fulfils one’s desires, and the forests abound with desire tree

Mādhurya Upāsanā: Occasional Omniscience in Vraja Pastimes

  “Ananta-koti-vishnu-loka-namra-padmajārchite, Himādrijā-Pulomajā-Virinchijā-vara-prade.” (Radha Kripa Kataksha Stotra, verse 11) Meaning: You who is humbly bowed to by all the Lord Brahmas of countless millions of universes created by Lord Vishnu! Oh, you who is the bestower of boons to the daughter of the Himalayas (Parvati), to the daughter of Puloma (Indra’s wife Saci), and to Brahma’s daughter (Sarasvati)! Radharani is non-different from Krishna. The above-mentioned verse signifies the Aishwarya Prakash of Radharani. Gyānamaya Prakash, Aishwaryamaya Prakash and Mādhuryamaya Prakash together make up the complete Lordship of God. In Mādhuryamaya Prakash of God, God forgets His identity as God. He becomes so absorbed in the divine and intimate love of His devotees that He becomes Mugdha and receives immense pleasure from His interactions with His devotees. His pastimes with His devotees are amazing and full of divine Bhāva (mood of love for Radha Krishna) and Ānanda (divine