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Mādhurya Upāsanā: Dāsya Prema Part 1

  [Baba is describing the meeting of Rāya Rāmānanda and Sri Chaitanya Māhāprabhu and the discussion about “Sadhya-Sadhana tatva” (what is the highest form of Bhakti attainable by a sadhak and how can it be attained) that follows. While Sri Chaitanya Māhāprabhu asks him to describe the highest goal of spiritual practice, Rāya Rāmānanda answers in a step-by-step manner and the discussion proceeds towards the highest form of Prema Bhakti, that is, the Bhāvollāsā Rati (Manjari Bhāva). In this series of satsangas on Mādhurya Upāsanā path, I will translate from where Baba discusses the moods of love in divine Vraja.] Sri Chaitanya Māhāprabhu: Rāya Rāmānanda, tell me, what kind of spiritual practice should a sadhak follow to attain the ultimate goal of Prema Bhakti? Rāya Rāmānanda: To follow Sva-dharma (duty according to one’s Varna and Ashram) is Krishna Bhakti. Māhāprabhu: This is an external (or superficial) aspect of Bhakti. Tell me about deeper spiritual practices. Rāya Rāmāna

Mādhurya Upāsanā: The Divine Quality of Vraja Dham Part 2

  When Radha and Krishna appear on earth to manifest Their Prakat Lila, the divine Goloka Dham appears along with them. At that time, the divine quality of the Drishyamana Vrindavan (Vraja) is unveiled by Yogamaya. This divine abode of Radha and Krishna, which is the platform on which They manifest Their Lilas or pastimes, is made of the Chinmayi Shakti or Swarupa Shakti (internal potency of Krishna, Yogamaya). From the leaves, flowers, trees, etc to people, houses and the ghats around the lakes, everything is made of Chinmayi Shakti. It is untouched by external Maya and its three modes and imperceptible by material senses. When Radha and Krishna disappear from the earth, the divine quality of earthly Vraja Dham gets veiled gradually. The Vraja Dham is the same as that at the time of Krishna’s appearance, but due to the influence of Kaliyuga, Yogamaya veils its divine quality. With the material eyes, people see that this Vraja Dham looks no different from any other place. The peop