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Fourth Stage of Bhakti | Anarth Nivritti (Part 1) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

Anartha means obstacles in the path of Bhakti. There are four kinds of Anarthas :  Dushkriti jaata Anartha  Sukriti jaata Anartha Aparadha jaata Anartha Bhaktyuttha Anartha 1.   Dushkriti Jata Anartha: These are the obstacles that result from our bad deeds of this life and previous lives. They come in the form of diseases, disappointments, quarrels, loss and tragedies. As soon as you start engaging in bhajan, someone comes and starts quarrelling with you for insignificant issues. Or, a new neighbour arrives in your neighbourhood and constantly argues with you. If that is somehow taken care of, then your family members start quarrelling in your home. If that is somehow subdued, you develop a new disease. Now, you need to run to the doctor every now and then. Lack of time for chanting. One after the other, small and big issues crop up so that the sadhak is not able to engage in bhajan with determination and progress forward.   But there is one good thing about Dushkriti