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RadhaRani is Compassion - Satsang By SriSri Vinod Bihari Das Baba Ji Maharaj

Kshama (forbearance) and Karuna (compassion) are the same. Compassion is the quality of understanding others' sufferings and the willingness of doing something about it. But the sympathy for only your own child observing his sufferings, whether he is right or wrong, is not really compassion. That is attachment, ignorance. If you don't feel the same for the sufferings of your neighbor's child then it is just ignorance. One should have compassion for every living creature in the world. One should be willing to help the suffering and tolerate the mistakes made by others upon oneself. Even if someone has hatred and indulges in enmity towards you, you must have compassion for the sufferings of such a person. Then you will be rightly called a 'compassionate' person.  Kshama (forbearance) and daya (sympathy) are the visible versions of compassion. Compassion is the feeling inside our hearts. We cannot understand how much a person is compassionate without a visi