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First Stage of Bhakti | Shraddha | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

Shri Shri Binod Bihari das Babaji is my Shri Gurudev. His satsangs are like the sweet extraction of all shastras and Gaudiya theories. On request of some devotees, I have tried to translate some of his sweet nectarine since those are in hindi and many devotees from outside India do not know this language. Although. I am a great fool and have no right to make meaning of his satsang, I am just translating his satsang as he said it so that the devotees who don't understand hindi can themselves extract the meaning out of his satsang. I am sure there will be many grammatical mistakes as well as other mistakes in translating the satsang as Baba wanted it to be understood, but I hope you all will forgive me :) - Yashoda Gurucharan Dasi There are three phases of bhakti i.e., Sadhan Bhakti, Bhava Bhakti and Prem Bhakti which in totality have nine stages in ascending order:  Shraddha, Sadhu-sanga, Bhajan-kriya, Anartha-nivritti, Nishtha, Ruchi, Asakti, Bhava and Prem . Sadhan Bhakti cons