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Sixth Stage of Bhakti | RUCHI | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

A sadhak cannot find pleasure in both the material world and in Radha Krishna at the same time. When we drive a vehicle forward, how do we know we have travelled a certain distance? By noticing our surroundings. The surroundings do not remain same. Similarly, when a sadhak progresses in bhajan, some changes in their perception ought to occur. The things that seemed pleasurable to us before would not seem pleasurable anymore. The attachment to material things and people is directly proportional to the attachment to our own body.  One cannot be indifferent to one’s material identity and be attached to 'dear ones'. Neither can anyone have no attachments in this world and be full of material identity. So, as the attachment to this body, pleasurable things and relationships (related to the bodily identity) that seem pleasurable decreases, the devotion to Radha Krishna increases. This happens automatically, they are not two different efforts. Once the sadhak realizes that this huma