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Fourth Stage of Bhakti | Anarth Nivritti (Part 2) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

Hari Bhakti is the sole purpose of our life, knowing this the sadhak engages in sadhana physically, mentally and verbally. This is when a sadhak truly enters a spiritual journey. The jivatma has always been engulfed in Maya (who is a part of Krishna's transcendental powers). From eternity, he had known nothing but Maya, the material world and its pleasures. Maya wants the jivatma to play in Her lap. So, when the sadhak wants to free himself from Maya, She creates obstacles in the path of spiritual awakening. Krishna has given Her independence to attract and delude the jivatma. Shri Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavat Geeta,   “Daivī hyeṣhā guṇa-mayī mama māyā duratyayā” (Bhagavat Geeta 7.14) Meaning : My divine Maya, made of the three modes of nature, is very difficult to overcome (by a jivatma). One can ask then, who will protect us from Maya? Even Brahma and Shiv are unable to conquer Krishna's Maya. Then, will we be unable to truly worship Krishna and