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Renunciation: The Finer Points of Detachment Part 2

    Q: Householder sadhaks typically face a very difficult situation when their family members are not devotees. Due to opposing interests, the sadhak becomes distressed and is unable to do bhajan peacefully. The family members are unable to understand his yearning for spiritual advancement and Bhakti. On one hand, their harsh words and unfavourable behaviour make him feel unsupported and attacked, and on the other hand, he worries that his family members are committing Aparadhas by creating obstacles in his bhajan. But he is unable to make his family members understand why he is doing bhajan and wants to become detached from worldly relationships and pleasures. What should such a sadhak do?   A: The situation is indeed difficult but one who truly wants to attain Krishna Bhakti in this very lifetime will not be concerned about any worldly issues. He understands that by the will of Krishna and according to the results of his previous actions, such obstacles come to deter him from