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Fifth Stage of Bhakti | Nishtha (Part 2) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

A sadhak has to struggle a lot to reach the stage of Nishtha. There has been no sadhak ever who started doing bhajan and easily achieved the divine love of Radha Krishna without any struggle. Sometimes you see certain devotees with good spiritual Samskaras. But they have also struggled in their past lives. Every jivatma has been sent to the Maya world by God. They have been roaming in this Maya from time unknown, taking birth in different forms of body, dying and then again taking birth.  Therefore, everyone has material Samskaras. When an enlightened devotee comes their way, His association sows the seed of Bhakti. The highly charged vibrations of an enlightened devotee gradually inspire Shraddha (faith) even in the heart of an atheist. This is when the vine of Bhakti sprouts buds. On watering it with Satsanga and nourishing it with bhajan, this vine of Bhakti grows eventually to achieve the Lotus feet of Radha Krishna. There it coils around their Lotus feet in such a way that They

Fifth Stage of Bhakti | Nishtha (Part 1) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

When a sadhak embarks on the path of devotion, he develops Shraddha (faith) in God, His devotees and the scriptures. Then he starts associating with devotees who are engaged in intense bhajan. Eventually, he accepts initiation from a Guru and starts doing bhajan himself. At first, the sadhak is not able to do bhajan with determination. Sometimes he gives priority to other things in his life, resulting in no fixed time and amount of bhajan in his life. If some other work crops up, bhajan takes a backseat. Hence, he might do only few rounds of Harinaam that day, that too while worrying incessantly about the work at hand and hardly thinking of Radha Krishna at all. (This is Namabhas and it causes purification of heart gradually, but it takes a lot of time, maybe several births, to reach Prem Bhakti.)  On reaching the stage of Nishtha (the meaning of the word is determination ) , the sadhak gives utmost priority to only bhajan. Then he never fails to complete his daily rounds, whatsoe