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What does Kripa look like? - Sri Vinod Baba Ji Maharaj

When a jivatma sincerely takes shelter at the lotus feet of an enlightened sadhu, his mercy is able to change the heart of that jivatma gradually. But the ego of the jivatma is the main obstacle in this process of purification of heart. But how do we know whether we are really able to accept the mercy of the sadhu and achieve positive results? The main indicator of mercy is realizing one's own faults. The sadhak starts analyzing his actions and thoughts, and finds out where he is going wrong. Due to samskaras of numerous previous births, the sadhak often ends up getting angry on some petty worldly matter and he might speak harshly to a vaisnava as a result, but he immediately feels repentant about his words and chastises himself, 'I have done a great wrong! I spoke so harshly to a vaisnava! How will I ever progress in my spiritual path?' Then he prays to Radharani with great humility, 'He Radharani, today I inflicted pain on a vaisnava through words. Please give me the

Brahmacharya in Grihastha Ashram - By Shri Vinod Baba Ji Maharaj

The sadhak who remains unattached and unattractive to worldly matters while living in Grihastha ashram and performs devotional service with determination has been called a warrior sadhak in the scriptures. To forsake family and worldly responsibilities, and to go to the forest for bhajan, is easy. But it is not easy to fulfil all responsibilities and still remain unattached to worldly relations, alongwith doing bhajan. Although, of course, it should be Grihastha ashram, where the family members together worship God and fulfil their duties towards each other. It should not be a nest of some animal like creatures where pleasing the senses is the sole purpose of life. "Tayostu karma sannyasat karmayogo visisyate" (Bhagvat Gita 5.2) The one who dutifully performs his obligatory actions (Karmayogi) is better than the one who forsakes all actions to please God (Karma sannyasi). If someone thinks that, being a Grihastha, it is impossible to do bhajan and achieve the divine love of R