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Renunciation: The True Renunciate Life

  Once a sadhak enters the renunciate life, he has to live under the guidance of his Gurudev and serve his Gurudev according to His instructions. He should not live independently regardless of how knowledgeable he is about the Bhakti path. When he becomes qualified to do bhajan in solitude independently, his Gurudev will Himself instruct him to do so. But before that, if he lives independently without His Gurudev’s (or an enlightened Sadhu’s) guidance, he will go astray due to his materialistic samskaras hidden in his heart. The kind of Vairagya the sadhak should practice while living in Grihastha is different from the kind of Vairagya he should practice while living in the renunciate life. THE HOUSEHOLDER LIFE Those who are living in Grihastha have to avoid worldly pleasures physically and mentally as much as possible. Physically, they have to avoid the association of materialistic people and live in solitude in their own homes (and not go to the forest) as much as possible. Men