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Fourth Stage of Bhakti | Anarth Nivritti (Part 5) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

There are four types of practitioners of Bhakti: Sthula, Pravartak, Sadhak and Siddha. 1.   Sthula devotee: The one who is largely attached to the body, worldly things and the material pleasures of the world is a Sthula devotee . He is attached to his wife, children and family. Accumulating worldly things for the pleasure of his family is the only definition of Dharma for him. He is happy in their happiness and sad in their sadness. He is not interested in knowing whether there is anything above and beyond this . (He performs external actions of Bhakti like Puja and Arati, but all his actions are performed for material pleasures only, and he is not interested in actual devotion to Krishna). 2.   Pravartaka devotee: When this Sthula devotee gets the association of a highly enlightened Sadhu, his life changes. He understands what a big mistake he has committed. For eternity, he has been captured in the cycle of life and death, burning in the fire of material pleasures, drinking the pois