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Interpretation: Guru isn't a person but a tatva By Srila Baba

Videos: & One must consider Guru as personification of the supreme Godhead Krishna himself. How is this possible? Suppose someone gave you a lemon to chew but warned that you must think this is a sweet Rasgulla. Now while you chew on it, your mouth sense sourness but you have to convince yourself and everyone that it tastes so sweet. (This is the problem many devotees face since they do not see the qualifications of a Guru described in the scriptures in their Guru but the same scriptures say that doubting one's Guru is a serious offense to Guru tatva). But how then the disciple is supposed to accept this verdict of the scriptures? Guru is not a person but a tatva. The personal qualities and faults of the person being regarded as Guru have nothing to do with that tatva. (Though the qualities of a pure devotee affects those who come for his association, the faith of the disciple most importantly decides wha