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Fourth Stage of Bhakti | Anarth Nivritti (Part 4) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

“Anityam asukhaṁ lokam imaṁ prāpya bhajasva mām” (Bhagavat Geeta 9.33) When a sadhak realises that this world is temporary, everything here has a beginning as well as an end, then their life takes a turn towards spirituality. Every action they do are centred around pleasing Krishna. They are Bhagwat Unmukha Jivatmas. They always try to think of the Lotus feet of Radha Krishna and turn their mind away from the worldly matters. In simple words, they take less interest in the material world and more interest in spirituality. They always yearn for satsanga, kirtan, etc. When a sadhak leads his life in such a way, all enlightened souls shower mercy on him. The good and bad deeds they have done in previous lives will surely come as Prarabdha in this life before them. Sometimes they have difficult Anarthas to face as the result of great misdeeds but with the mercy of enlightened souls, they are relieved of their Anarthas and pushed into the sea of divine love

Fourth Stage of Bhakti | Anarth Nivritti (Part 3) | Sri Vinod Babaji Maharaj

The time which has gone by, will not come back. What has happened, is past now. Nobody knows what future has in store for us. Pain, loss, disappointment, disaster - all are results of our past actions. We have to face what we have done, in future. Nobody can avoid it. Therefore, utilise the present. A sadhak must utilize his youth for bhajan. The childhood was spent in play and laughter. The old age will make your body weak and inflicted by diseases. Earn money, Dharma, education, material pleasure or yoga, whatever you want in your youth. If most of your youth has been spent in material pleasure, still do not look back and regret it. Start utilising your time from this very moment. That you have realised that this human birth is not for enjoying material pleasures, is the sign that the auspicious time to do bhajan you were waiting for, has already arrived.   Waiting for an auspicious time, when there will be no problem, the situation will be favourable for bhajan, everyone arou