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Samskar | Mercy & dedicated bhajan By - SriSri Vinod Bihari Das Baba Ji Maharaj

Shri Bijay Krishna Goswami was a saint of very high degree. In his childhood, he used to play with Krishna with marbles. The idol of Krishna at his home temple used to come out of the temple and play marbles with him. Once Krishna stole his marbles and ran away inside the temple. Little Bijay Krishna started crying and complained to his mother about Krishna's mischief. His mother didn't believe his story and said, "What are you saying?! You are just joking with me, right? How and why would Krishna steal your marbles?" But Bijay Krishna insisted that his mother should go inside the temple and see. Consoling the little child, mother went inside the temple and to her amazement, her child's marbles were in the hands of Krishna! This happens according to the samskaras (the impressions on one's character influenced by his acts and thoughts over a long period of time or even through many lives) and stage of a sadhak. Nobody can say when would a sadh

Shuddha Naam & Namabhas By SriSri Vinod Bihari Das Baba Ji Maharaj

When we chant harinaam along with chintan (contemplating the pastimes of Krishna and Radharani) it is called Shuddha naam. We have to think only of Radha Krishna and no material subject. Such kind of chanting provides the fruits of chanting harinaam very quickly. "Anya chinta rahit". That is, without any other thought. If we give our full concentration towards harinaam, we will get the fruits of chanting harinaam very quickly. Now what should we contemplate while chanting? There are many kinds of Chintan for different people of different capacities. For example, those who have come to Braja Dham to do bhajan, they may practice contemplating the Ashtayam lilas of Radha Krishna (ashtayam = eight three-hour intervals or the eight kinds of pastimes throughout a day) along with harinaam. Those who are incapable of doing so, may be due to a lot of work they are incapable of sitting at one place and do Ashtayam lila chintan, they may practice Naimittik lila chintan. I

Praising A Sadhak In front Of Him By SriSri Vinod Bihari Das Baba JI Maharaj

Whether we should praise a sadhak in front of him? Will it not increase the pride of that sadhak and actually harm him? No, we must not praise a sadhak in front of him. Although, the more Bhakti maharani showers mercy on sadhak, he acquires the beautiful qualities only a bhakta can have. Those are supernatural qualities. Compassion, the nature of regarding no one as enemy, seeing the Truth everywhere, purity, regarding everyone equal, having no flaws in the character, sweet nature, accepting only what is needed to stay alive, etc are supernatural qualities of a real sadhu. The heart in which Bhakti maharani resides these qualities reside too and purify the sadhu's heart even more. Any normal person cannot have these qualities. The sadhu is ornamented with these qualities. Such qualities should be praised. But we shouldn't praise the Prakrit or material qualities of a sadhak. This person is very qualified, that person is very talented, he is very good, she is a simple

Satsang On Fault Finding (Ninda) | Sri Vinod Bihari Das Babaji Maharaj

We tend to look for qualities and shortcomings of a person related to his material nature. We do not evaluate his spiritual nature. When we evaluate the material qualities, we inevitably see the shortcomings also. Where there is praise, inevitably there is fault finding also. Therefore, a sadhak must neither see one's qualities nor shortcomings. This is possible for a sadhak of higher level only. But at-least we must avoid evaluating others' shortcomings. Fault finding is detrimental to bhajan. "Sapnehu nahi dekhe par dosha" (Sri Ram Charit Manas) Meaning : Sadhak never even dreams of others' shortcomings. This is a crucial part of bhakti yoga. If fault finding is your habit; if you cannot help seeing shortcomings, then just remember back and see what faults & mistakes you have done from your birth. See your own faults first. If you evaluate yourself sincerely, you will find that you have hundreds and thousands of faults yourself. I'm talkin