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A beautiful pastime of Radharani for giving immense pleasure to Krishna By - SriSri Vinod babaji maharaj

Krishna, the beloved son of Yashoda and Nand Baba, desired to play and pick flowers in his gardens, early in the morning. Sweetly, he asked mother Yashoda if he could go to the gardens to play. Mother Yashoda lovingly gave permission. Krishna did not call brother Balaram to play, since the divine pastimes of Goloka are designed and directed by Sri Yogamaya Devi herself. Roaming around the gardens of Nand bhavan, Krishna was enjoying and marvelling at the beauty of various flowers and the expertly designed gardens, but his joyous heart was not satisfied and he continued exploring the gardens. Suddenly, he saw another Krishna roaming in the garden! He looked exactly the same and carried a basket of flowers in his arms. Krishna was bewildered. The other Krishna also noticed him and looked annoyed and defensive. Krishna cautiously approached the other Krishna and demanded, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" The other Krishna was surprised and said, "What do you